Tuesday, 17 December 2013



the types of content in a lifestyle magazines are very much the same for male and female, for example in both magazines there are health and fitness pages ', fashion, latest news, and what the future holds.

The layout of this magazine in your face type of design with the wording and photo's, this layout is very feminine with the color's and faded design this maybe suggests that the magazine is for high class women who are in to fashion and celebrity life.

a women would benefit from this magazine because the content is is all for them for example, 'immaculate condition' or 'what you'll be wearing later' or even 'if it's stylish enough for kate moss' these are all example of women's gossip/storys which relate to

Wednesday, 20 November 2013



I Picked this music video because Rihanna is normally viewed as a 'nude artist' which means she's either wearing not a lot of clothing or it's not acceptable for children 12+. Personally i think Rihanna's a object of desire because of males will agree that Rihanna dresses and act's in way which can tease a man specially in this video.


I Also chose this music video because it's decent like the clothing, the acting, the overall performance, Katy Perry is a object of desire but not in this video. Katy is well dressed and well behaved unlike Rihanna but Rihanna only does it for attention.

I Picked this music video because it's a negative and also it's a sexually interacted and jennifer is normally a object of desire in most of her music videos but not as much as this one. Jennifer starts of in a black bra and then changes into a red latex suit which means passion

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


blend tool.
1. Blending modes need two or more layers for any effect to work — you need at least two layers to “blend” together.
2. A layer with a blending mode specified will “blend” with all other colors from layers underneath it. We call those original layer colors the “base colors.” The colors on the top layer (with the blending mode selected) is called the “blend colors.” The result — what you see as a result of the “blending” — is called the “result color.”

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Representation of girls in music videos

Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream songs coming in are basically about relationships, affairs, drugs, achohol etc. On top of that, currently, people like, Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Usher and more recently, songs with David Guetta. The male mainsteamers use women in their cars usually as territorial value in the cars or more as property. 

However, music videos by women, especially women like, P!NK, Rihanna, Gabrella Chilmi, Katy Perry and other strong female singers use the other side of the story, like, 'I was abused by "him" and look at me now, better than ever.' Especially Adele, her songs are extremely heart felt and emotional, and I think that she's a bit more subtile. 

Some girls in music videos are treated in a way which could be held as abuse or even sexual assault for example 'digital dan' he pays women to get their boobs out if not there told to do one! but some women don't care if there spoken to in such a matter because there getting paid, however there girl's who aren't getting paid is because, one, there told there getting paid but there not actually getting paying, or, two they do it to build up their confidence, representation, and who they are!

Therefore girls in music videos now are too much lets look at these two photos.

Firstly, look at the first photo a women full dressed drinking a cup of tea/coffee? and lets look in the second picture there is rihanna naked in a swimming pool look very suspicious. So Girls in music videos are too very much needed?! 

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Presentation1 from tompricegcsemdia
how me and joe we picked out the key features of the video plus how we presented to the class in such confidence! Me and joe gave some good connotations and denotations which were solid and also worked well making the presentation 
we could of included video links and pictures to make are work more easier to understand and also more input by me by speech and maybe made it a little for funny?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Representation Homework

Firstly, the definition of hip hop is:( A culture and form of ground breaking music and self expression with elements that consisted of the elements of graffiti art, DJing, MCing, and breaking. Today Hip-Hop is considered to be dead in the mainstream because so-called mainstream Hip-Hop doesn't have the elements of hip-hop and have no meaning.) but anyway referring to the first music video ( 50 Cent Ft. Olivia Candy shop) the video doesn't appeal to me as 'hip hop' it appeal's to me as a rich black make who likes women very much and maybe calls himself a stereotypical player? but anyway getting into the topic of stereotypically people. Lets just think about, justin bieber maybe? or even drake? these people here are classified as 'hip-hop rolemodels' 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Hipster high is a school were the students don't respect any of members of staff and think there the next tony hawk by ruling the school and skating in the corridors and graffitiing on every wall they can find, basically 'skate life'.

Firstly, i created my logo on photoshop cs3 ( Mac version ) and I started thinking about how I could create a simple logo but a affective design which would bring me the marks! But anyway I started playing around with some of the airbrush tools and gradients but the airbrush didn't really work out with the logo I wanted! so I used a blue and black gradient as the background and then thought 'text' so I scrolled through the texts and didnt like them so I went on dafonts ( www.dafont.com ) and found a text which was very modern and very slick something which was very movie like. However the was a lot to choose from but anyway I had the background. I had the text. and was thinking what's next? so I had a name in mind but it was a little borning so the fanstasic ' mr Jackson' came up with the name hipster nigh a very unique name for indie skaters. So anyway I thought I had everything but sir commented how about a picture and it took me ages to find a decent image untill I came along with this black and white push off picture which fades really nicely with the text and looks very skater type and also I added a couple of hexagons to the coners to make it that little more unique

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Duplicate An Image

You can duplicate an entire image (including all layers, layer masks, and channels) into available memory without

saving to disk.
1. Open the image you want to duplicate.
2 .Choose Image > Duplicate.
3. Enter a name for the duplicated image.
4. If you want to duplicate the image and merge the layers, select Duplicate Merged Layers Only. To preserve the
layers, make sure this option is deselected.
5 .Click OK.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Iron maiden.
connote: the connote of the iron maiden cover shows a devil with and flames in the background
denotation: the denotation shows a devil with a pitch fork plus flames so it adds up to be quite scary.

Born In The Usa.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there's a man with a red hat in the right pocket
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there a red and white stripy background and also he looks like a normal bloke with a red hat hangout of he right pocket

Is This It.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there a slight glimpse of a Womans backside and she touching it with a black leather glove.
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there is a women touching her backside with a black leather glove

Queen II.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is four men all with different coloured long hair and a black background with a gothic text.
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there are four men who are trying/acting to be like rockers/goths

Unknown Pleasure.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is a black background with some white and grey graphics
denotation: the denotation is that there is a white and grey graphics which are shaped as mountains and hills to create an effect if there like a indie band

                                                      Wish You Was There.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is a male and a male which one is covered in flames and holding hands but both in a empty village
denotation: the denotation of this album cover is that there is two men

                                                     Who's Next.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there are a group of people who are standing on/near a statute where there is blue skys and hilly hils
dentation: group of 4 people maybe a family? could of gone on holiday?

Nite visions.
connote: the connote of this album cover is pink and has pink text plus horizontal lines
denotation: the denotation is that that there is a pink background with almost like an illusion because of the horizontal lines.

   Parallel Lines.
connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is 5 grown gentleman and 1 women who both are very mature because of the clothing and style
denotation: the denotation is that there a group of men who are very smart because of the clothing and also a very mature women who looks like she control them

connote: the connote of this album cover is that there is a black skinned male and a vignette background
denotation: a black skinned male who looks like he's trying to act hard with the facial expressions.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Waterloo road, induction task!

1) i think the logo the is designed like this because they tried to link the logo with school and how      its conducted in way which they control the school.

2) the producers are trying to appeal anyone who's a teacher, student or maybe anyone else who likes school? but waterloo road is more of an comedy than a proper school drama because half the activities that happens on the program wouldn't happen in real life

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Waterloo road.

Waterloo road school is a school with low expectations this is because we see the teachers standing in the playground smoking connoting a lack of respect and disregard. also lots of uneducated pupils, for example the pupils come in to school with very little uniform, pupils walking into school with american baseball jerseys over there shirts, girls casually wearing tracksuits like there at home and teachers dressing like its the end of the day

Friday, 30 August 2013



My Friday night normally consists of a lot of XBOX and a lot GRAPHIC DESIGN which I find a great deal of fun and brings the creative side out of me. 


I woke up to my SMARTPHONE as a alarm this is because I don't see the point of an alarm when you have one on your phone also I charged my SMARTPHONE overnight .
Around 12oclock I went with my dad to do some PHOTOGRAPHY at st Nichols church for part of my homework for PHOTOGRAPHY. When i got home from PHOTOGRAPHY i used ADOBE PHOTOSHOP AND LIGHTROOM to edit the photos.


the only media I used today was the RADIO in the car and my LAPTOP to edit a couple of photos for my portfolio for PHOTOGRAPHY career. also i played a little XBOX in the evening to update my ultimate team on fifa13