Friday, 30 August 2013



My Friday night normally consists of a lot of XBOX and a lot GRAPHIC DESIGN which I find a great deal of fun and brings the creative side out of me. 


I woke up to my SMARTPHONE as a alarm this is because I don't see the point of an alarm when you have one on your phone also I charged my SMARTPHONE overnight .
Around 12oclock I went with my dad to do some PHOTOGRAPHY at st Nichols church for part of my homework for PHOTOGRAPHY. When i got home from PHOTOGRAPHY i used ADOBE PHOTOSHOP AND LIGHTROOM to edit the photos.


the only media I used today was the RADIO in the car and my LAPTOP to edit a couple of photos for my portfolio for PHOTOGRAPHY career. also i played a little XBOX in the evening to update my ultimate team on fifa13

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  1. Good Tom, Well done for getting your work done early. Good effort at this, and interesting that you do graphic design....

    to develop, you need to say why you use the media product and also there must be more media that you used!