Monday, 10 March 2014


What two conventions have i used & why?
-  The conventions i have used is a celebrity named (jessie j). I have chosen Jessie J because she's a ambassador of self belief for younger generations. I have also used direct mode of address( sassy,
breezy, beautiful ) this cover line attracts the readers direct eye line and makes the reader to think 'wow whats this about?'

Whats are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?
- My magazine layout is asymmetrical balance, This means it's more spaced out and not in order.
My choice of typography is very bold and strong. i chose this type of text because it stands out and makes the audience intrigued and engaged. The colours i used for my magazine don't represent anything i only chose these colours because i thought they looked good together. The language i used on my magazine is very catchy and slick. this makes the audience/ readers feel engaged.

What issues of representation have i represented?
The reason i used jessie j is because Jessie always wanted to be a singer/rapper and she never gave up on what her ambitions, which was to become of being a singer. Jessies motivation was her self belief and this links to young teenagers never giving up on what they want to become in future life.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Balance

I chose this magazine cover because it's more complex from the rest and also looks more unique and prestige then others, the black and white original feature looks good but with the slick gold slanted text it makes the magazine cover ten times better
I  Chose this magazine cover because the models skin matches the colour of the text and challenges the dark saturated black background also it matches the models dress which blends extremely well.
I chose this magazine cover because the colours blend well together and this may show how bold and light colours mix however this could also represent love, peace, emotion, happiness and passion


This work is incomplete. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding i think, you need to look at the connotations please. Please go back and finish the work.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Magazine Covers.

-Shine bright like a diamond.

-Show your weakness.

-Get Attractive

-Allow yourself to look amazing!

- Stick with your dignity

- Next summers dress fashion.


-The Fashion guide to summer!

- look the prime suspect

- Prestige to the next level

Thursday, 23 January 2014


This magazine is asymmetrical because the text is positioned into a slanted and embossed direction. 
this magazine asymmetrical only because  of the colour balance, the pink and the white mix really well and the text has little texture here and there which is challenging the simple background
This magazine is symmetrical because their are bunches of text on both sides which are equal and balanced and also the colour balance is equal.
this magazine is asymmetrical design only because of the colour  balance, the light colours  against the dark contrasty colours, the bright pink and the aqua blue battle between who's brighter with the blacked out background


This work is incomplete. Please go back and finish the work.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lifestyle magazines

The layout of this magazine is cool with and simple design over the photograph, the colors you cant really connote because its a photography taken in action. The rider is Max drew and he is performing a bar spin over the spine.The color of the text is yellow which maybe because it stands out from the picture and the language used in normal english to explain the latest news.

The layout of this magazine is compact and creative and has style. The
colours are simple but stand out, The model/ufc fighter is positioned full on so he's connoted to be strong and bold and he is also on this magazine becuase he knows how to keep fit and he is very fit in shape .The font is bold and tall which links to the magazine 'health' also the language used is normal english but its very masculine.

The layout of this magazine is very stylish and detailed and the colours
used go with what the model 'drake' is wearing, the language used is directly to the audience reading the magazine so its telling them how to dress, what clothes to pick and how to pick them. The font on the magazine is very stylish and very popular because i've seen it on many magazines. The model on the magazine is drake and drake is a rap musician who is very popular all around the world, drake is maybe on this magazine because he has loads of money and spends thousands of money on clothes, shoes and accessories.