Monday, 10 March 2014


What two conventions have i used & why?
-  The conventions i have used is a celebrity named (jessie j). I have chosen Jessie J because she's a ambassador of self belief for younger generations. I have also used direct mode of address( sassy,
breezy, beautiful ) this cover line attracts the readers direct eye line and makes the reader to think 'wow whats this about?'

Whats are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?
- My magazine layout is asymmetrical balance, This means it's more spaced out and not in order.
My choice of typography is very bold and strong. i chose this type of text because it stands out and makes the audience intrigued and engaged. The colours i used for my magazine don't represent anything i only chose these colours because i thought they looked good together. The language i used on my magazine is very catchy and slick. this makes the audience/ readers feel engaged.

What issues of representation have i represented?
The reason i used jessie j is because Jessie always wanted to be a singer/rapper and she never gave up on what her ambitions, which was to become of being a singer. Jessies motivation was her self belief and this links to young teenagers never giving up on what they want to become in future life.

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