Thursday, 19 September 2013


Hipster high is a school were the students don't respect any of members of staff and think there the next tony hawk by ruling the school and skating in the corridors and graffitiing on every wall they can find, basically 'skate life'.

Firstly, i created my logo on photoshop cs3 ( Mac version ) and I started thinking about how I could create a simple logo but a affective design which would bring me the marks! But anyway I started playing around with some of the airbrush tools and gradients but the airbrush didn't really work out with the logo I wanted! so I used a blue and black gradient as the background and then thought 'text' so I scrolled through the texts and didnt like them so I went on dafonts ( ) and found a text which was very modern and very slick something which was very movie like. However the was a lot to choose from but anyway I had the background. I had the text. and was thinking what's next? so I had a name in mind but it was a little borning so the fanstasic ' mr Jackson' came up with the name hipster nigh a very unique name for indie skaters. So anyway I thought I had everything but sir commented how about a picture and it took me ages to find a decent image untill I came along with this black and white push off picture which fades really nicely with the text and looks very skater type and also I added a couple of hexagons to the coners to make it that little more unique

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  1. LOGO: A3 - Really nice piece of design and a very good level of skill shown. You have an eye for design. Does the logo offer clear connotations?
    T: Add to your designs with clear connotations for the TV Show

    EVAL: B3 - You have a good to sound level of reflection, you are quite clear on your skill development but not so clear on the connotations of the logo.
    T: Be clear and analyse the connotations of the logo.