Thursday, 17 October 2013

Representation of girls in music videos

Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream songs coming in are basically about relationships, affairs, drugs, achohol etc. On top of that, currently, people like, Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Usher and more recently, songs with David Guetta. The male mainsteamers use women in their cars usually as territorial value in the cars or more as property. 

However, music videos by women, especially women like, P!NK, Rihanna, Gabrella Chilmi, Katy Perry and other strong female singers use the other side of the story, like, 'I was abused by "him" and look at me now, better than ever.' Especially Adele, her songs are extremely heart felt and emotional, and I think that she's a bit more subtile. 

Some girls in music videos are treated in a way which could be held as abuse or even sexual assault for example 'digital dan' he pays women to get their boobs out if not there told to do one! but some women don't care if there spoken to in such a matter because there getting paid, however there girl's who aren't getting paid is because, one, there told there getting paid but there not actually getting paying, or, two they do it to build up their confidence, representation, and who they are!

Therefore girls in music videos now are too much lets look at these two photos.

Firstly, look at the first photo a women full dressed drinking a cup of tea/coffee? and lets look in the second picture there is rihanna naked in a swimming pool look very suspicious. So Girls in music videos are too very much needed?! 

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